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Vacation on Tassos
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Putopisac:  admin [ Ned Mar 20, 2011 5:39 pm ]
Naslov teme:  Vacation on Tassos

"Taking the ferry-boat from Keramoti, one can cross to the green island of Thassos, a natural paradise. It is the nothernmost Aegean island and a first class tourist centre. The island's economy rests on its timber and the export of lead, iron and antimony. The oil deposits discovered in the nearby region of Prinos now afford opportunities for considerable exploitation.


Almost the whole of Tassos is one vast museum with rich collections of relics dating from its heyday in Classical times.

The archeological excavations have brought in light the ancient Agora, a theatre, ancient settlement, the commercial port, the city walls, the acropolis, Pan's sanctuary and many other interesting remains. The large number of monuments attest to the great prosperity of ancient Thassos, which made it the apple of discord between the city-states of Athens and Sparta. Among the great men of Thassos were the painter Polygnotos and the writer Androsthenis who followed Alexander the Great in his campaigns.

The most interesting remains of ancient times are the theatre (originally built in the 4th century), the acropolis, the Agora, the Sanctuaries of Poseidon and Dionysos and others. In the museum one can see fine specimens of Ancient and Arcaic art. The capital of the island (Limin or Thassos) and the seaside and inland villages are picturesque and quiet."

Taken from Greece, Toubi's Editions

Putopisac:  Grk [ Ned Maj 29, 2011 6:35 pm ]
Naslov teme:  Re: Vacation on Tassos

Once on Tassos, every next time, you will be again here for summer holidays,

Maybe, the number one place in Greece for Holiday!

Putopisac:  darrenpete [ Sub Apr 27, 2013 10:21 am ]
Naslov teme:  Re: Vacation on Tassos

The Island of Thassos, often called the "Emerald Isle" in tourist propaganda lies only 12 kms from mainland Greece and has become a popular tourist resort for northern Greeks and package holiday makers from northern Europe. Approximately 379 sq kms, Thassos Island coastline measures approximately 95 kms and is endowed with wonderful beaches. It is a beautiful mountainous island covered in forestland mainly cedar, oak and pine forests and has much to satisfy the sunbathing and cultural tourist'.

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