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 Naslov teme: Why is Tara river Canyon so appealing to foreign tourists?
ČlanakObjavljeno: Uto Avg 16, 2016 10:04 am 
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Priključio se: Ned Apr 06, 2008 11:02 pm
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Many nature lovers have been drooling about Montenegro nature lately. Mostly because of the tara rafting Montenegro arrangements for the last couple of years. Ok, maybe even 10 years or so. But how many people from the Balkans actually went to the Tara river canyon and tried Tara rafting or at least explored its nature through other available adventures?

Not much.

There are plenty of reasons why they didn't experience it already, just like there are plenty of reasons why they probably will do it in upcoming years.

Anyway rafting professionals from the Tarasport rafting club, who are the best nature adventure tour organizers in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, told that many foreign tourists come to the beautiful Tara river Canyon just to explore nature and feel the adrenaline rush of the fast and chilly Tara river, and they explained why is rafting on Tara river so popular amongst foreigners in Montenegro.

Nature od Montenegro and Tara river canyon

Like anybody else who sees the beauty of nature in Montenegro for the first time, Tarasport guides, like to punctuate the nature part of the whole rafting experience in Montenegro. Since they’re not just rafting club and they’re true nature lovers it is only natural that they wish to tell other people what kind of beauties are waiting for them.

Just imagine the untouched crystal clear Tara river stream that flows right beside mile long and colorful mountain slopes. Mountains so green and high that you won’t be able to see where mountain peaks stop and where sky begins. They say that it isn’t just about nice adjectives since there are scientific facts to back them up. Since a large portion of Tara river course is a part of National Park Durmitor you should know that Tara river canyon and its vegetation and various animal species are well protected. They’re all part of UNESCO list of World’s heritage of natural and cultural values.

There are plenty of different types of trees and woods, from which many are endemic species that can’t be found anywhere else in the World. Especially when it comes to Durmitor mountain and its flora.

They also like to brag about the fact that you can drink water directly from the Tara river through its whole course since it is so crystal clear and clean. I agree that that’s something to brag about, and since the whole world is so big on the ecology point of view, it’s no surprise that they like Tara so much and they wish to get on the raft and conquer that untamable river.

Add on the fact that Canyon of tara River is the 2nd deepest canyon in the world, right after the largest Grand Canyon of river Colorado and you get the perfect mixture of “tiny” details that attract so many foreign tourists to Montenegro.

Imagine going for a hike or trekking tour or even jeep safari to the highest parts of Montenegro mountains, just so that you could walk on its perfect green mountain fields and to recover from everyday life. That’s why. That’s the reason foreigners like Montenegro!

Fast river and different rafting difficulty throughout the season

Tarasport rafting guides said that even Tara river is very fast, difficult and strong, it is perfect for everyone. Ok, maybe not in the peak of its water volume during april and may, but during Summer it surely is. So not only tourists enjoy nature, they can try out on of the most popular adrenaline sports in the World.

So they like to say that Tara river is open for everyone. Foreign rafting professionals and physically prepared tourists like to visit Montenegro and the Tear of Europe (as Tara canyon is sometimes called) during April, May and June. Those are the months when Tara reach its highest peak of the season and when it becomes unpredictable. So naturally, adrenaline junkies love to test the nature limits, and when to do it best then during the most dangerous time of year.

Even though Tara can be hard for rafting, it is perfect for other types of adventurers and first timers during summer months, while August, September and October are great for families. During late summer and beginning of autumn it is suitable even for little children.

Rafting camp and the whole cultural experience

Not just that visitors have the opportunity to go rafting, nature exploring and just relaxing in the nature, there’s even more to that. The position of rafting camps is so great that you can easily mix different types of nature adventures like canyoning, jeep safari and zip-line with cultural exploring and cultural sites excursions.

Like that wasn’t enough all visitors get the unforgettable experience of fun around the camp fire, tasty food, music and just hanging out with other visitors away from the busy world and city traffic. Tarasport professionals say that the whole experience is the reason why so many people come to Montenegro on rafting, and not just the one isolated reason for itself.

Did anyone here had the opportunity to try out Tara rafting and if so, what were your thoughts about it? ☺

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