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Rafting in Montenegro – Tara river – couple of questions
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Putopisac:  Traveler [ Pet Jun 10, 2016 9:30 pm ]
Naslov teme:  Rafting in Montenegro – Tara river – couple of questions

Hey, for a quite some time now I've been thinking of trying out rafting in Montenegro on Tara river which I’ve heard a lot about.

Of course all the pictures and videos say the same thing and are focused on rafting part of it.

But what about the rafting trip in general?

What do you actually need to bring with you?

Are you sleeping in a hotel?

Do you need to bring your own food or rafting tours include all of those things. Heck, is it safe and is there any training for beginners? I’m asking this because I’ve heard different stories and I would like to know what can I expect.

Thanks in advance and cheers everybody!

Putopisac:  admin [ Sub Jun 11, 2016 7:57 am ]
Naslov teme:  Re: Rafting in Montenegro – Tara river – couple of questions

Hallo @Traveler,

Ok, let’s start from the beginning since you’ve asked a lot of questions there. :D

And I have to say that I can’t speak in the name of every rafting tour you can find, but I can speak for the ones I experienced myself. Nonetheless probably every one of them includes food during your stay. I’m beginning with food question because it really is important when you’re going rafting.

The main difference when it comes to food is whether you’re staying one, two, three or more days in the place where you’re going rafting. If it is only a one day tour you’ll probably get one “lunch box” or something like that, but if you’re staying 2 days you’ll have a dinner, breakfast, lunch and even party in the evening in some places.

Great thing is that you get to try out authentic and domestic prepared specialties as a part of tradition.

Since I’m from the Balkans myself, I’ve tried couple of different rafting clubs that offer Tara river rafting and gotta say that Tarasport is my absolute favorite - http://www.tarasportrafting.com/

The reason I’m mentioning them out of the blue, is because they pay attention to details and right that, the thing you mentioned about “the whole rafting trip in general”. The whole rafting experience and not just the river part of it. You get the full package and there are many other nature activities available. But let’s get back to the topic.

When it comes to the question about what should you bring on a rafting trip it may sound a little bit cheesy, but really, all you need is good will. Jokes aside, you should bring a couple of more different clothing combinations, especially if you’re going on a few day trip, not just because of the hygiene part, but because Tara river is a river surrounded by great mountain ranges and a terrain is mountainous so it can get very chilly, and sudden weather changes are possible.

Even if you don’t go there, you’ll need a few different clothing combinations if you ever decide to try out other things. Of course bathing suit is a must since you’ll be around water and you’ll probably want to swim a little bit, even though you’ll get the whole equipment from a rafting club.

When it comes to rafting equipment you shouldn’t think about anything at all, since they’re obligated to provide safe rafting tour for you. Not just morally but because it is in their best and licensed interest. I said that you’ll need a bathing suit, and you will, but if weather conditions are like that or river difficulty, above bathing suit you’ll be wearing neoprene suit and boots that provide protection and warmth. Helmet and water vest is a must, paddle too and sometimes anorak if there’s any need for it.

If you decide to go rafting on Tara river with Tarasport you’ll be staying in specially crafted rafting camp which contain bungalows and authentic little houses that are characteristic to the Montenegro and Bosnia. That’s also part of the whole experience, so my answer is no, you won’t be staying in a hotel if you go rafting here. That’s pretty much the answer for all clubs.

Is rafting safe?

Yes it is.

Of course there are more and less difficult rafting tours, and Tara’s difficulty varies from 3rd to the 5th level of rafting complexity, out of a scale from 1 to 6. So you get the idea, but it is important to say that this difficulty varies throughout a year, and every professional that you’ll get into contact will tell you when it is the best time to come, and what can you expect. It is the same thing when it comes training you’ll get.

Don’t worry, professional’s are there, you’ll get a proper introduction, quick training and necessary equipment so you’ll be more than safe. ☺

That pretty much sums it up.

Feel free to ask anything else if you need.


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