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What to do and see in Bodrum
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Putopisac:  Analiticar [ Ned Nov 01, 2009 9:12 am ]
Naslov teme:  What to do and see in Bodrum

Here are some useful facts for question what to see in Bodrum:

The transient nature of greatness is rarely as clearly displayed as it is in Ephesus a city once renowned throughtout the ancient world as a major trading porta metropolis of some 250,000 inhabitants and a religious and cultural center.lt was also the home of one of the seven wonders of the Ancient VVorld, monumental Temple of Artemis,known as Diana to the Romans.Ephesus holds an important place in the history of the early Christian Church as it is here that St.Paul preached and it was to the Ephesians that he addressed some of his memorable teachings.Some 400 year after St.Paul's visits a great Ecumenical council assembled here to hold heated theological arguments and lay down the law on important points Christian doctrine.


Pamukkale means 'Cotton Castle' this amazing site looks just like balls of cotton vvool cascading dovvn the terraces of this naturel vvonder.Bathe in the hot thermal siprings vvhich are said to contain healing properties to soothe away those aches and pains, some of the terraces are now protected by goverment order to preserve this magnificent wonder for future generations.

This area is one of natures 'treasure' with its unique vvildlife and nature.The bus takes you first to Dalyan (Caunos) there you board the boat vvhich takes you to the mud baths, after bathing in the mud and becoming beautiful you then stop for lunch, finally we go down the river to the beautiful beach, where the Caretta-Caretta turtles lay their eggs, High on the cliffs above the Dalyan river you can see the magnificently carved Iycian royal rock tombs. In addition to the turtles,the Dalyan delta is home to the crabs and the area betw een the reed beds is a maze of water ways.

With so much to see,we suggest you take the two days / one night excursion (which means only one early start!!!!) And lcss traveling, more time at the places of interest...

Something for everyone,the only way to see the beautiful islands and beaches around the Bodrum peninsula.Spend a day relaxing or swimming from a boat, snorkleing in aquarium bay with the fishes, ride a camel on camel beach or just be totally lazy and sunbathe the choce is yours.Lunch is served on board..

At least once during your stay, Turkish Bath is a must for everyone. Step into the marble dome and feel yourself return to Ottaman times.A wonderful soapy massage followed by a rub down with the loofah leaves the body relaxed and invigorated.

Putopisac:  Analiticar [ Ned Nov 01, 2009 9:19 am ]
Naslov teme:  Gumbet Watersports

Gumbet Watersports are the company who have been around for the longest because they are the best. You dont get to stay in this highly competitive business unless you employ only the best qualified staff, provide the best service and guarantee safety plus value for money. We are the biggest in the area and offer every kind of vvater activitv on the market.

VVakeboarding is to Watersports what snowboarding is to skiing. This is a combination of wave riding, snovvboarding and skiing. It is the ultimate progression after water skiing; it goes faster, higher and further. Unlike rides such as the banana and ringo wakeboarding can be enjoyed as a one off fun ride or can develop into a serious water sport skill.
Flying fish
There is nothing else iike this indescribable experience.
The combination of bouncing like a ringo, flving, being towed like on a banana doesn t begin to explain what a thrill this ride is. You will simply have to try it. No skill is necessary except loving to have fun.
At last a change of paceFor those who get tired of the speed and would like a change of pace thw oxoon is the perfect answer. Float, slide or spin at a low speed with this joystick driven craft which will seat three. Go for a romantic tour of the bay with a loved one, enjoy some quiet time together. Make it a family trip; its perfect for even tlu smallest family member
Suitable for all the family Slightly more sedate than the ringo, The banana is towed behind the speed boat for you enjoy the speed and the thrills but also see some of the coast line. You don't need any driving skills to enjoy this ride and it is possible to have a ride vvithout a tumble if you prefer.
The hottest selling tube to date
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For the speed lovers.
Our instructors will give you a short lesson and then you are to experience the thrill of riding over the waves. Sitting down or standing up, you will be suprised at how proficient you become after one hour. We will not be suprised that you will want to come back and have another go.

Putopisac:  Analiticar [ Ned Nov 01, 2009 9:26 am ]
Naslov teme: 

Gumbet Watersports are the company who have been around for the longest because they are the best. You dont get to stay in this highly competitive business unless you employ only the best qualified staff, provide the best service and guarantee safety plus value for money. We are the biggest in the area and offer every kind of vvater activitv on the market. 1. GUMBET WATER SPORTS

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Forget "Have a go you are only young once" you don't need to be young to en]oy water sports! "Have a go anyway" whatever age you are. Watersports are for the young at heart. You are on holiday, you have the time, you have the weather, you are by the sea and you don't have any excuses! make the most of it and discover for yourself what fun it is to splash around in the water.

Leave the safety aspects up to us we are the experts, concentrate on having as much fun as possible and taking some spectacular photos of yourself parasailing or riding a ringo to impress your friends at home.
A must for children and teenagers all fun loving adults.
It is impossible not to join in the crazy laughter as you bounce around behind the tow boat. You will most likely fall in, you will get wet and you will definitely enjoy yourself and laugh like a maniac

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You are never too old for a new experience.
Our professional team will explain everything to you. You can soar like a bird and see the coast from a completely new perspective. You can choose whether you would like to be solo or with a friend. Gliding over the sea is a breathtaking experience and one you will want to repeat over and over again.

Putopisac:  Analiticar [ Ned Nov 01, 2009 9:35 am ]
Naslov teme: 

I We offer you the chance to enjoy all the adventure and intrique you have been looking for.This is a jeep tour,exculisive four vvheel drive experince called the most incredible off road adventure around Bodrum. A chance to see the country at it's most rugged, be driven on trails though the mountains and lunch at a beautiful secluded bay.


This tours gives you the opportunity to lean more about Turkish village life.Among other things,you will visit the school,the mosque, some village houses and the village cafe. During the visit you will also see the women weaving carpets.Not to forget the lunch in the village, it will give you an idea about the variety of the Turkish kitchen.



Putopisac:  Analiticar [ Ned Nov 01, 2009 9:45 am ]
Naslov teme: 


An exciting river ride.grade 3-4 level rapids, mternational standard equipment,professional river guides,4-5 hours on the river, insurance, breakfast & delicious meal,

DIVING RAFTING IN BODRUMThe crystal turquoise vvaters surrounding Turkey, make this country an ideal place for scuba diving. In one day you can hand feed fish,stroke octopus and explore the majestic vvaters of Turkey. See another vvorld and discover underwater life


Enjoy seeing the beautiful Turkish countryside on
hourse back spend time riding along the
peninsula trails or have a lesson vvith our english
speakinging instructor. Children welcome 3+years


An ideal escape from stress.Spend a day
vvith nature on a boat. fishing and relaxing. Children welcome.


The place for fun and excitement!
'Aquapark Dedeman' with its 24
waterslides and daylong activities offers excitement
you have never experienced before.


Kos is a Greek tsland situated 11 miles
south of Bodrum, Ideal for a day excursion, Kos offers sandy beaches, historic sight,
many freindly cafes and restaurants.
The largest of the Dodecanese island. The old town is a maze of narroA streets and archways encircled by vvalis and fortifications built by the Knrghts of Rhodes.

Dance the night away on a glass platform.Experiance the thrill of dancing over the vvater.

words are not enough to explain the amazing shows and the lights dancing with the sound of Halikarnas Disco. You shoulcf just feel it.

Do you want to laugh till you crv?
Came along to the one and only hilarious-professional drag show in town. You will have the best night out of your holidav at the DREAM GIRLS SHOW...


The only real Turkish shownight in the Bodrum peninsula. VVatch the exotic dancers preform their age old dance from the 'harem'.PIus more traditional dances. You will be wined and dined with delicious Turkish cuisine to the sound of authentic music.

TEL: +90 (252) 319 45 16 - 319 57 42 FAX: +90(252) 319 57 27
Adnen Menderes Cad.LaMaison Apart Otel Alti No:48/2 Gumbet - BODRUM / TURKEY Wnn:www tu-tur.com / e.mail: tuturlc@mail.koc.net

Putopisac:  Energeticar [ Ned Nov 01, 2009 9:48 pm ]
Naslov teme:  Bodrum - other places in km

Bodrum - other places in km

Bodrum - Airport 35 km Bodrum - Yaliciftlik 15 km
Bodrum - Turgutreis 18 km Bodrum - Bitez 10 km
Bodrum - Ortakent 12 km Bodrum - Golturkbuku 20 km
Bodrum - Yalikavak 20 km Bodrum - Giimbet 3 km
Bodrum - Torba 8 km Bodrum - Gumusjuk 23 km
Bodrum - Konacik 5 km Bodrum - Giindogan 23 km Bodrum - Mumcular 30 km

Putopisac:  Energeticar [ Ned Nov 01, 2009 9:57 pm ]
Naslov teme: 


"The Fisherman of Halicarnassus" was a famous 20th century writer who contributed greatly to the cultural and social progress of Bodrum.

The monumental tomb of Maussolos, King of Caria, is the sitc of one of thc Seven Ancient Wonders of World.

Putopisac:  Energeticar [ Ned Nov 01, 2009 10:02 pm ]
Naslov teme: 

On the hill above thc harbour, the Tower was built during the regn of King Maussolos.

The Crusader Knights of Rhodes built the Castlc in honour of St. Peter in thc 15th Century AD on thc site of an earlier palacc & (emple. It is presently the home of Bodrum Museum of Undenvater Archacology, which is one of the largcst underwalcr archacology museums in the world and the only onc in Turkey.

A museum has been made of the house of the popular Turkish singer Zeki Miiren where his belongings and memorabilia are exhibited, and his memory is celebrated.

Putopisac:  Energeticar [ Ned Nov 01, 2009 10:08 pm ]
Naslov teme: 


The 5.000 seat theatre built in the 4th Century B.C. is in the Helenistic style and is dated to the Maussolos period. There are hundreds of rock-cut tombs in the slopes of "Goktepe" hill above the theatre.

And one note about climate in Bodrum,

Bodrum has a mild climate. During the winter it is cool and rainy and thc summer is hol and dry. Thc yearly average temperature is l9 degrees. The avcrage temperature in August is 33.9° degrees.

Putopisac:  Wise Mary [ Sre Dec 23, 2009 11:42 pm ]
Naslov teme:  Bodrum

I am planing to go to Turkey next summer, this informations were very useful for me!

Putopisac:  Seoski_Turizam [ Sre Maj 19, 2010 2:32 pm ]
Naslov teme:  Re: Bodrum - other places in km

Energeticar wrote:
Bodrum - other places in km

Bodrum - Airport 35 km Bodrum - Yaliciftlik 15 km
Bodrum - Turgutreis 18 km Bodrum - Bitez 10 km
Bodrum - Ortakent 12 km Bodrum - Golturkbuku 20 km
Bodrum - Yalikavak 20 km Bodrum - Giimbet 3 km
Bodrum - Torba 8 km Bodrum - Gumusjuk 23 km
Bodrum - Konacik 5 km Bodrum - Giindogan 23 km Bodrum - Mumcular 30 km

Thanks for very accuracy info about Bodrum!

Putopisac:  Profesor [ Sre Jun 02, 2010 8:29 pm ]
Naslov teme: 

I think that Halikarnas disco is the best thing in Bodrum, everything other more, less is every where ...

Putopisac:  Analiticar [ Uto Dec 28, 2010 10:01 pm ]
Naslov teme:  Re: What to do and see in Bodrum

For people who plan to visit Halikarnas night disco club, here is vidio,

Enjoy in Turkish rondo in international environment in Bodrum!

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