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Hunting and fishing in Bulgaria
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Putopisac:  admin [ Čet Avg 27, 2009 9:05 pm ]
Naslov teme:  Hunting and fishing in Bulgaria

Hunting and fishing have a very long history in the lands of Bulgaria. Traces of them can be found from prehistoric times. The ancients have left their cave drawings while the `Ihracians have given us fine wall paintings of hunting scenes in the burial sites close to the village of Alexandrovo - girt of the Haskovo district.

While backin those days hunting and fishing were the means of survival, this year marked the 110"' anniversary of organized hunting in Bulgaria. The First Congress of Bulgarian hunters was summoned on August 6i°, 1898 in Sofia during which the already functioning 66 "Sokol" societies united in a Union, having its own Statutes, and otficially accepted tasks.

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Naslov teme:  "Eledjik" - "Jenda" - Rhodopes, Sredna G

Before getting your gear ready for a hunting adventure in Вulgaria be sure to check the yearly hunting calendar to avoid any chance of being accused of poaching. Уоu can then be sure that the red deer, the stag, roc, wild boar or something smaller, like a rabbit, pheasant, partridge, quail or pigeon will be your true hunting pleлsure, and sometimes the pride of a trophy.

It is a fact that in the mountains of Etгopole within the zone of the hunting гeSewe "Hlcn" a red deer was once shot and evaluated at 242.58 points as per the СIC system. And in panagyurishte, only 2-3 seasons ago, a lucky hunter shot a 268 kilogram wild boаr.

Only 50 kilometers away from Sofia, the hunting reseгvc "Eledjik" otfeгs wild boar and red dear hunting. тhе reserves "Studen Kladenets" and "Jenda" close to Kardjali and Momchilgrad other hunting for stag, wild goat and boar.

Hunting advenhues are also ofered by the reserves in the &mind Balkan, the Rhodopes, Sredna Goгa and Strandja. In most locations you will find renewed hotel аccommodаtion and boarding as well as a hunting organization, dogs and transport and supporting staff.

Putopisac:  Ekonomista [ Čet Avg 27, 2009 9:13 pm ]
Naslov teme:  Surprises as well as secrets

Surprises as well as secrets, and indeed, "tall" stories can be heard on the shores of every small or large water basin in Bulgaria. The Alexander Stamboliiski" dam is built on the Rositsa river and as rumor says, it is the home of giant sheat-fish. In fact a 96 kilogram catch was made just here, in this dam. The "Koprinka" dam is only 7 kilometers from the town of Kazanlak and if you fish here it is highly likely that your hook may pull out a pike and, if you have luck, even a 5 to 6 kilogram white fish.

A 50 kilogram sheat-fish was pulled of the Koprinka dam whose beaches offer great opportunity for stretching a tent and for a truly memorable rest. The "Zrebchevо" dam on the Tundza river has made a name for itself as a trolling spot and its waters host an abundance of pike, reed fish, redfin and a number of other species. The know-it-alls will tell you that the kingdom of the grey mullet is the "Shiroka Polyana" dam although you might also have luck fishing in the other picturesque dam in the Rhodope mountains - the "Dospat".

You'll find trout in the Rila mountain but also in some of the other lakes and dams in the Rhodopes. Another favored location is the third largest dam in the country, located on the Luda Kamchia river. There you can find babushka, perch, gudgeon, etc. Closer to the city of Sofia is the Iskar dam and the dams close to the town of Pernik, "Lobosh" and " Pchelina': The Bulgarian water basins offer great opportunities for winter fishing also and don't forget: there is always the Danube river and the Black sea!

Putopisac:  Ekonomista [ Čet Avg 27, 2009 9:16 pm ]
Naslov teme:  Hundreds of animal and bird

Hundreds of animal and bird species populate the forests and waters of Bulgaria.

In the Rila, the Rhodopes and Stara planing mountrins you can meet the brown bear as well as wild goats and cats and your binoсilars mау eveII spy out the more rare lynx.

The hunting reserve "Voden" breeds some 40-50 Cgrpathian aurochs while tram the cаrnivorous family there is anabundance of wоlf, jackal and fos.

In spite of the shrinking populations Bulgaria is also the home of a large variety of water birds — the large white-headed goose, ducks, ring-doves, turtle-doves, quail, snipes, etc.

Source of this 4 articles: wwww. Bulgaria Travel . org

Putopisac:  Stara_planina [ Sre Nov 18, 2009 4:00 pm ]
Naslov teme: 

Yes, exactly what you said here,

The name Balkan is approved in the wildness of the mountains of Bulgaria,

Because of that, Bulgaria is the Biggest tourist power on Balkan, Etno tourism, Winter tourism, Black see, hunting, fishing, lakes, Black See and

very old orthodox monasteries ...

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