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 Naslov teme: Articles-exercises
ČlanakObjavljeno: Pon Feb 07, 2011 11:57 pm 

Priključio se: Sub Okt 16, 2010 9:26 am
Članaka: 17

1._____milk you bought seven days ago has gone off.
2. He has been playing ____ piano since his early childhood.
3. It is his ____ fifteenth birthday.
4. I met ____ girl in the street. ______ girl was wearing a white top and jeans.
5. Would you like to travel throughout ____ Scotland?
6. Is ___Volga ___ longest river in _____Europe?
7. Did he go to _____ town? No, he went to ___bed.
8. Does his father like to read ____Times?
9. _____ French are famous for their ___ wines.
10. Do you know where _____ Colosseum is?
11._____ Japanese admire the traditions of ____Chinese.
12. _____ horses are beautiful and fast animals.
13. _____cats are not wild animals, they are domestic.

1. We buy ____ bread at ___ baker’s.
2. Do you play ____violin?
3. May is ____fifth month of ___year.
4. I saw _____house. _____roof was green.
5. Have you ever been to ____United Kingdom?
6. ____Danube is ___longest river in ___Serbia.
7. He will come on ___ foot and she will come by ___train.
8. Where were ____ Smiths for their winter holidays?
9. Can you notice interesting shapes of the clouds in ___ sky?
10. ____ Sun rises in ___east.
11. _____ Greeks were not impressed with ____England.
12. ______ British Museum is one of ____most famous in ____world.
13. ____ sugar is bad for your health.

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