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 Naslov teme: Vezbajte kondicionale (1, 2, 3)
ČlanakObjavljeno: Sre Okt 27, 2010 9:13 am 

Priključio se: Sub Okt 16, 2010 12:32 am
Članaka: 5
Conditional Sentences Type 1
1. If you (send)_________ this letter now, she (receive)__________ it tomorrow.
2. I (improve)__________my English if I (do)_________ this test
3. If I (find)___________your ring, I (give)____________it back to you.
4. If it__________(rain), the children ___________ (not/go) for a walk.
5. She________ (not/to pass) the literature test if she _________(not/read) the novel.
Conditional Sentences Type 2
1. If I _________(come) home earlier, I ____________(prepare) dinner.
2. Francesco__________ (visit) us If we__________ ( live) in Rome.
3. If Tim and Tom ________(be) older, they _________( play) in our hockey team.
4. He _________(not/keep) the money if he ___________(find) money,.
5. If they ________ (not/wear) pullovers in the mountains, it _________(be) too cold during the night.
Conditional Sentences Type 3
1. If the weather__________ (be) nice, they_________ (play) football.
2. We _________ (have) a better dinner if we_________ (go) to a good restaurant
3. If John _________ (learn) more words, he _________ (write) a good report.
4. If you _________ (check) the car, it _________ (not/break) down in the middle of the desert.
5. If it _________ (not/rain), the children _________ ( play) outside.
Mixed Conditionals
1. If they (have) _________ time at the weekend, they will come to see us.
2. If we (know) _________ about your problem, we would have helped you.
3. If I (be) _________ you, I would not buy that dress.

Conditional Sentences Type 1
1. Peggy (go) __________ shopping if she (have) __________ time in the afternoon.
2. Simon (go) __________ to London next week if he (get) __________ a cheap flight.
3. If I __________ (study), I __________ (pass) the exams.
4. If I __________ (not/argue) with my father, he __________ ( lend) me his motorbike.
5. If we __________ (take) the bus, we __________ (not/ arrive) in time.

Conditional Sentences Type 2
1. She (spend) __________ a year in the USA if it (be) __________ easier to get a green card.
2. If I (live) __________ on a lonely island, I (run) __________ around naked all day.
3. We (help) __________ you if we (know) __________ how.
4. If Tony__________ (know) her phone number, he __________ (not/ give) it to Frank.
5. If we__________ (not/visit) this museum, you __________ (not/write) a good report.

Conditional Sentences Type 3
1. If you (speak) __________English, she (understand) __________
2. If they (listen) __________to me, we (be) __________ home earlier.
3. I (write) __________ you a postcard if I (have) __________your address.
4. If my parents__________ ( not/to be) so tired, they__________ (to watch) the film on TV.
5. If she __________ (to buy) a new hard disk, she__________ (not/to lose) all data.

Mixed Conditionals
1. If you hate walking in the mountains, you (enjoy / not) __________ the tour.
2. Janet would go jogging if she (have / not) __________to do her homework.
3. We (arrive) __________ earlier if we had not missed the bus.

Conditional Sentences Type 1
1. If he __________ (have) a temperature, he __________ (see) the doctor.
2. I__________ (be) very happy if my friends__________ (come).
3. If she__________ ( earn) a lot of money, she__________ ( fly) to New York.
4. If Dick __________ (not/buy) the book, his friends __________ ( be) angry with him.
5. If Tom__________ (not/tidy up) his room, Victoria__________ (not/help) him with the muffins.

Conditional Sentences Type 2
1. If Susan__________ (study) harder, she__________ (be) better at school.
2. They __________ (buy) a new car if they __________ (have) enough money,.
3. If you __________ (do) a paper round, you__________ (earn) a little extra money.
4. You__________ (not/write) a good report if we__________ (not/visit) this museum,.
5. If it__________ (not/be) so late, we__________ (play) a game of chess.

Conditional Sentences Type 3
1. If John__________ (learn) more words, he__________ (write) a good report.
2. If the boys __________ (take) the bus to school, they __________ (arrive) on time.
3. If the teacher __________ (explain) the homework, I__________ (do) it.
4. She __________ (not/ lose) all data if she__________ (buy) a new hard disk.
5. We__________ (not/get) lost if we__________ (use) the town map.

Mixed Conditionals
1. I would not have read your diary if you (not hide) __________ it in such an obvious place.
2. Okay, I (get) __________the popcorn if you buy the drinks.
3. If I (tell) __________ you a secret, you would be sure to leak it.

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