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Golubac, Eastern Serbia
Golubac, Eastern Serbia

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Serbia is old country between East and West

The variety of scenery and cultural and historical monuments, curative spas, hunting grounds and fishing areas give the basis for Serbia’s tourism.

International roads and railway lines link Western/Central Europe with Greece, Turkey, the Near East, Asia and Africa.

The main air transport routes between West and East and North and South cross this country, too.

The Serbian lands were the crossroads of various civilizations in the past, with different spiritual, architectural, artistic and cultural influences.

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Serbian culture and its historical heritage


Djavolja varos ( meaning
Djavolja varos ( meaning “Devil’s Town”), South Serbia

Serbian culture and its historical heritage is diverse because of mixture of various influences. Numerous prehistoric and classical monuments represent some unique examples of the changing times (Vinca culture, Starcevo culture, Lepenski Vir, etc). Serbia is a land of natural, historic, cultural and ethnic contrasts.

Vojvodina – the northern lowlands

The northern lowlands (the province of Vojvodina) form the Central European part of the country. The Frushka Gora hills are the only mountains in that part of Central Europe.

Central Serbia

Central Serbia is characterized by fields, hedges, orchards and meadows. Southern Serbia has bigger mountain ranges with wide river valleys and hollows.

Eastern Serbia

Justiniana Prima, antic palace near Leskovac
Justiniana Prima, antic palace near Leskovac

Eastern Serbia is covered with mountains which belong to the Carpathian mountains but also to the Balkan mountain system. Here, the Danube river cuts the Kazan, the longest and narrowest part of the Djerdap Gorge.

Western Serbia

Western Serbia is another mountainous region, with many picturesque canyons, forests and great natural and climatic advantages. Waters in Serbia – rivers, lakes, artificial lakes and mineral springs, represent an important natural resource for tourism. The Danube, the largest and the most important waterway in Europe flows through Serbia, covering some 591 km inside its borders.

South Serbia

Visit Niš, home town of Constantine the great or Justiniana Prima, antic palace in South Serbia.

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