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Which interior standards luxury accommodations must meet

Luxury accommodation

In order to provide the best possible conditions for their guests, luxury accommodations have to meet certain interior standards. Through years standards have been changing, and upgrading along with the development of technology. Luxury accommodations these days need to be refreshing, cosy, different, eco friendly and many more things.

Social media took the whole industrial area of interior design on the next level, by showing great design ideas. Thanks to Instagram or Pinterest and tons of photos from mesmerizing places – it is extremely hard to surprise someone with a simple interior in your accommodation. There are some of the mainly proceeded standards.

Visual identity – a unique style wins the hearts of the guests

When it comes to the visual identity of accommodation, its appearance speaks a lot – the level of services that guests can expect, the prices, or the profile of the guests who stay there. So it is important that the whole place, starting from the entrance, speaks luxury. You can accomplish that in different ways.

You can choose a theme for your accommodation, you can pick gypsum decorative wall panels that provide a great deal of luxury for the entire room, also you should be attentive when it comes to choosing materials for design. Just as the wardrobe and the way of dressing can make us think of the person, so the look of the accommodation can show us what to expect.

Your accommodation can be decorated in a classic, modern, elegant, eclectic style, but the style must be respected. High organizational and spatial standards also need to be respected. The finishing materials used must be of the highest quality. By making sure your accommodation fulfils every need, from the visual one to the soothing one, you will be able to say that you did a good job.

Biophilic design – interior inspired by nature

Although 90 percent of our time, we spend alienated from nature in the artificial environment that we built for ourselves, we still feel the best in nature, because we can’t escape the fact that it is part of us. With that in mind, modern design standards have taken a step towards incorporating nature into space, by incorporating some of the landscape features into the interior.

Luxury hotel

The concept of biophilic design represents the way of interior design where architects and designers resort to the use of natural materials, designing rooms with as much natural light and ventilation as possible, erecting vertical gardens, aquariums and fountains, as well as photographing or painting landscapes on walls, because people intuitively tend to search for natural elements.

This design is especially recommended for accommodation in urban areas, where there is a clear lack of natural environment. Guests will feel more relaxed and comfortable. In this case luxury means natural and healthy.

Emphasized environmental awareness

This is another trend that is related to nature and biophilic design. Luxurious accommodations nowadays need to promote environmental awareness, by taking care of sustainability. All around the globe this represents one of the main standards.

One interesting research has shown that millennials are more concerned with the environment than baby boomers and other generations, which says that new generations in the future would choose only eco-friendly places. Now is the time to choose usage of recycled and renewable energy.

Highlight on traditions – providing local touch by interior design

Tourists want to feel the local spirit wherever they go, and this is the fact that you should consider once you start thinking about luxury design of an accommodation.  Whether it is local produce, gastronomy or art, they want to experience it in the place where they are staying.

The rise of this trend has led the hotel industry to hire local artists and artisans to help design the hotel. The local touch does not stop at design, but should also be visible in the offer of restaurants and bars within the accommodation. Employees who know how to tell a story about local customs or legends can also be helpful for a complete experience.

If you find the way to merge traditions of the country where accommodation is, with the quality materials and luxury touch, you will accomplish your mission, and you will take the worth of the accommodation to the next level.

Luxury accommodation needs to provide a treat for all senses, that’s why it is important to follow certain rules created by experts in this area, who thought about the ways to improve guests’ experiences for the amount of money they’ll give to stay in this kind of accommodation.

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