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How to stay active and fit while travelling

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Global tourism is breaking all the records – more than 1.4bn people have travelled internationally in 2018. We travel for a number of reasons – work, leisure, education, health etc. While on the go, many people seem to put some of their healthy habits aside.

They tend to think travelling and staying in shape usually don’t go hand in hand. However, there is no reason for that. We will show you some great ways you can work out and stay fit while travelling. Whether you plan on traveling to Canada or New Zealand, the importance of staying fit doesn’t fade, so read the text below if you want to find out how to do that.

Find a good local gym

This is a first step to do when you’re in a new place.

Gyms are popular all over the world, so wherever you have headed for your trip, chances are pretty high there is going to be a decent gym in the area. Possibly the best solution for you is to choose a hotel with a gym. Branded hotels or boutique – style hotels of higher categories are likely to have a gym which you can use during your stay.

However, staying at a hotel with a fitness center isn’t always an option. In this case, try using websites or apps to locate the nearest gym or simply ask for some tips from the locals. Most of gyms today offer daily passes, so you will avoid unnecessary monthly subscriptions or sign up fees.

The latest trend are so called eco – friendly gyms, like those designed by, so you can also check one of those out if you prefer to stay “green” while working out too.

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Bringing the nature to the gym

Unfortunately, hotel gyms haven’t exactly been praised for their quality. And while heading outside to do your training can be a good solution, it’s certainly not gonna be possible every time. Luckily, the new gym concept that has been getting popular may be another good alternative for you.

Gyms that use the eco – friendly design have found the way to incorporate natural elements into your workout routine, using natural and organic materials, plants and natural scents – offering you a unique work out experience.

Get outside – work out in the open

If you didn’t manage to find a good gym close to where you are – don’t panic. There are other ways to stay active when travelling – and yes, they are usually free. Parks can be found everywhere around the world and some of them may even have some basic work out equipment, which is going to be just enough.

Regular work out can help you lose weight, boost your mood, increase productivity and reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases. However, there are additional physiological health benefits that you can gain if you embrace the outdoors and take your workout routine to the nature.

They are mostly connected to sun exposure and increased level of vitamin D which benefits the body by protecting it against cancer and heart disease, reducing depression and type 2 diabetes. It has also been proven that working out in the open spaces can reduce stress and anxiety and improve self esteem.

What types of exercise are the most suitable?

Maximise output while minimising input – the rule applies here. We understand that you may not want to spend hours and hours working out when travelling and that’s okay. There are certain types of exercise which are more suitable to do in this situation because  they are less time – consuming.

Squats, push ups and pull ups are full body resistant workouts focussing on major multi-joint body parts, and that’s why it’s good to focus on these while you’re travelling.

As you can see, travelling and being on the go doesn’t mean you have to give up on your healthy habits.  Do your research and you will see that there are plenty of ways tailored for travellers to stay fit.

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