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No. 1 physical therapy center in Belgrade

No. 1 therapy center in Belgrade
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You are in Belgrade, and you have back pain or maybe you have an injury that gives you a poor quality of life?

Family therapy center might be just right place for you. This facility placed in Belgrade will give you the best treatment for your medical problems.

In this therapy center, physical therapists will treat you with individual approach. This is a private center so you won’t be needing referral from your doctor. First, they’ll examine your condition, and ask you about your ability to do everyday tasks or how well can you sleep.

You’ll be given your diagnosis, and then therapists will make an individual physiotherapy program. After that you can start right away with your treatment.

There is a whole spectrum of medical treatment you can receive in Family therapy center:


Physical therapy with electrical energy is often used to recover muscles, speed up a process of healing and for pain relief. This type of treatment is often used for arthritis, arthrosis, low back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, twisted joints, ligament injuries, nerve problems, shoulder pain and labor pain.

Electrotherapy is creating muscle contractions and increasing circulation of blood and lymph cells. This stimulates tissue mobility and reduces swelling and pain. Also, this type of therapy is good for bone healing and regeneration in the peripheral nervous systems.

Family therapy center has several types of electrotherapy. There are TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), electro-stimulation, electrophoresis, laser, ultrasound, bioptron light therapy, magnetic therapy, and kriotherapy.

Electrotherapy in Belgrade usually has the following procedure: therapist will place electrodes on your skin; electrodes are connected by wires to the device which will deliver electrical impulses. You will sense electric charge in the area where the electrodes are placed. Also, you might feel some warmth, vibrations and itching.

The most common form of electrotherapy is TENS where you can choose between high and low frequency charges. High-frequency charges can ease the pain just for short amount of time. They block signals that are carrying pain messages. Low-frequency charges are more difficult to stand, that’s why the therapy lasts maximum for 30 minutes. The good thing about low-frequency is their stimulation for production of endorphins, which makes pain relief longer.

Kinesitherapy in Belgrade

Kinesitherapy is the most often used form of treatment in physical therapy. Other forms consist of patient’s passivity while kinesitherapy is based on movement. Word kinesis literally means movement and motion. Every patient gets his on series of exercise and the therapy is distinguished by the illness.

There are many types of kinesitherapy. Movement can be done by patient or by the therapist; it all depends on patient’s condition. One treatment usually lasts between half an hour and one hour.

The goal of this therapy is to reduce pain by strengthening the muscles, developing joint mobility, increasing stamina. This will allow the patient to have a better quality of life. That’s why kinesitherapy is considered to be a part of sports medicine. Also, it’s one of the most relevant aspects of medical rehabilitation. made kinesitherapy top priority in their treatment. The main cause for this is the fact that contraindications are rarely appearing in this form of therapy. On therapy center site you can see some YouTube videos to show what type of exercises are good for some health problems.


Kinesitherapy can treat osteoporosis, discus hernia, damages to the central and peripheral nervous system, neuromuscular disorder in children (like Multiple sclerosis and Myasthenia gravis). It can also help during rehabilitation after fractures and dislocations.

Relax massages in Belgrade

If you want to relax in Belgrade, take a break and enjoy the best thing you can do is to get a massage. Everyday activities make our bodies tense and full of stress – that’s just a beginning of problems. The stress hormone, cortisol, can give you other health problems like sleeplessness, headaches and weight gain.

Physical therapy Serbia

Massage will not only reduce stress, it will also give you pain relief. That’s why this type of physical treatment is recommended for people who have lower and upper back pain. Kneading of body parts can boost energy and put you in a good mood.

One of the long-term benefits of this treatment is improved circulation. Good circulation helps healing process. For this benefit you need to have massage treatment on a regular basis. Moves made by masseuse remove lactic acid from the muscle tissues, which can help with high blood pressure.

Family therapy center provides various massage services. You can choose between partial massage, full body massage, ultrasound anti-cellulite treatment, stretching and massage, king massage (with four hands) and queen massage (honey and chocolate).


Osteopathy is often categorized under alternative medicine. It’s based on a philosophy which says that bones are fundamental part of our health. Osteon in Greek means bone and Pathos means sickness. Today osteopathy doesn’t threat only bones, spine and muscles but joints, organs and nervous system too.

An osteopathic physician will have holistic approach, where physic and mental health are equally important. This manual therapy is drug-free, non-invasive and it takes care of the whole body not just part of body that hurts.

Osteopathic technique release tension from tissue, improves mobility and circulatory system, reduce pain and assist with sleep cycles. This technique consists of stretching, pressure and resistance.

There is variety of conditions which can be treated with osteopathic technique. Some of them are arthritis, back pain and neck pain, neuralgia, sports injury, shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, digestive disorders, even depression.


One of the services that Family therapy center in Belgrade can provide is chiropractic. This treatment aims to cure spine and joins just by using hands. Even the word chiropractic in translation from Greek actually means ”to be done by hand”. It comes to Europe from Chinese medicine, and it’s guided by taught that body can be healed without any drugs.

The root of pain doesn’t always have to be joins and spine; so the first step in this medical care is to discover what causes physical suffering.

People that go to chiropractors often have problems with a headache, neck pain, discus hernia, dizziness, whiplash, arthritis, low back pain, strains and sprains, sports injuries and limited range of motion in back or shoulders. Treatment can help patient to improve performance and reduce pain. Adjustments are safe and controlled movement used on body that fixes mobility of joints and spine.

Manipulative therapy is most often used healing treatment. It varies from individual condition of a patient and combines wide range of adjustments. Chiropractic therapy is painless, but to some people the sound of bone fixing can cause discomfort.

Chiropractic treatment is just one part of healing process and recovery. After these adjustments patient goes to physical therapy where he gets his exercise plan. For more detail contact phones are +381 11 25 20 777 and +381 65 26 20 777.


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