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Best party boats in Belgrade

Belgrade at night

Belgrade party boats are particularly interesting and exciting in the summertime. Rivers, starting in May, become unique party places. Party boats are located on the Sava river and also on the Belgrade nightlife.

If you are visiting Belgrade, the search for the perfect party is over! Check out our list of top party boats in Belgrade, where you will have the time of your life!

Listen to the city’s top DJs at some of the best nightclubs in Belgrade. Have a drink under the night sky and watch the sun come up on these party boats. Enjoy hot summer parties in the open-air clubs!

There is just no staying sober.

Booking for any of the clubs below can do it here

1. River

River Club
River Club

Some of the most famous names of the Serbian pop and folk music scene perform on a party boat River. It is open five days a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Lighting and sound systems are of the highest quality. They have a huge variety of drinks, from great cocktails to the most exclusive champagnes. The staff is very professional and friendly.

Party boat River is extremely popular and has a lot of visitors. Celebrities, parties, beautiful girls – all in one place.

Parties last until morning, but the memories of the previous evening last longer. Top performers, great atmosphere and authentic interior are excellent reasons to visit this place. 

We recommend that you book your place on time, a local name for that club is splav River!

Club River
Club River


2. Freestyler

Party boat Freestyler is famous for its house, disco, hip hop and R’n’B parties. The interior is organized in rings with a large number of booths and bar tables. In the centre of Freestyler is a large central bar. This nightclub is very popular among tourists, so you can often hear the English language here.


Freestyler opens around midnight and it is always very crowded at the entrance, so do not be late!

3. Hot Mess

This party boat can give you entertainment on a whole new level. Very positive energy is characteristic of this club. DJs keep the crowd going with everything from techno to deep house and they provide the serious heat. You can have an incredible night, even though it is a Monday night. Hot Mess is also known for its exotic interior. The pool is interesting to all visitors and pool parties last until sunset.

There is no dress code at this nightclub. Hot Mess is stylish, but not pretentious.

If you are a fan of house, commercial house, deep house and R’n’B you will love this place! Also, you can take your swimsuit with you.

4. Shake ‘n’ Shake

During the day on the party boat Shake ‘n’ Shake you will be able to escape from the city noise. In the daytime, this party boat is ideal for talking with friends or reading a book. But at nighttime Shake ‘n’ Shake transforms to the wild party place.


You and your friends will experience the pleasure of a performance with great DJs and bands. It is time to shake up the happiness and shake a leg. Get out of a bad mood and get ready for an evening out with friends.


5. Tag

Tag is modern and multi-functional party boat on two floors which guarantee daily enjoyment and vivid nightlife. This multilevel nightclub can make you feel like a VIP. Two stories allow for dancing and drinking on every day of the week. During the night there can be huge lines to get in.

Party boat Tag covers a wide variety of music genres night by night. Prepare yourself: parties last until the morning. It’s possible to show up at Tag on a Friday night and not leave until Sunday.

6. Blaywatch

This place will surprise you! Party boat Blaywatch has a retractable roof, a VIP section and powerful sound and lighting equipment. A retractable roof turns the nightclub into an open-air deck. Blaywatch attracts a large number of foreign visitors who stay on the party boat until the early morning hours.

Do you want to party where the celebrities go? Blaywatch has hosted many of the most famous performers of Serbian pop and folk music.

Age does not matter in this nightclub. It does not matter if you’re 19 or 43 – you will have a great time! The scene here is made up of almost everyone. Get here early to avoid the long queues.

7. Club 94

French architect Jean-Paul Bernardo created the beautiful, functional and memorable interior. When you enter the party boat Club 94 you think you are in some world-famous nightclub because of the mesmerizing décor.

You can dance to deep house, disco music and commercial house and feel comfortable on the dance floor. On different evenings, there are different theme nights. Depending on the theme, you can shake to R’n’B and hip-hop sounds.

Around 500 people could physically fit comfortably in this space. Club 94 is very crowded but fun!

If clubbing is one of your favourite things to do, Belgrade has a great range of party boats. You’ll find everything you want here because this is a city for people that really want to party and have a real good time.

Once again, booking for any of the clubs above can do it here

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If you are visiting Belgrade, the search for the perfect party is over! Check out our list of top party boats in Belgrade, where you will have the time of your life!

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