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The editorial team of  TT Group, possesses a sacred right to change and update the content in accordance with relevance to the current moment.

If you search for very important information, useful advice is to consult other sources, too.

Pay attention to the following:
– Copying parts or whole texts and photos to any web site, without our permission, is strictly prohibited (allowed if you put link to TT Group)

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– Hate speech is prohibited and will be deleted fastest

– Adult content is prohibited also and content subject to copyright, content promoting illegal software, piracy and any other illegal activity


TT Group is not responsible and can not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the information, as well as the regular updating of all the data, but you need to understand that every information is placed with the best intentions and good desire to be useful and to help you.

Some of the information, such as the exchange list or the weather forecast, we take from reputable web services, whose credibility listed when downloading, but we would like to mention that therefore we can not take any responsibility for their accuracy.

On the other hand, the tourist travel forum is full of information and impressions, that are personal nature and property of authors on whose reliability we have no responsibility or guarantee. Hate speech is prohibited, but if you notice any irregularity please contact us and it will be promptly adjusted, as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy

Private information about customers are strictly guarded secret, and they will not be abused, nor sold-contracted to third parties such as selling email addresses of forum users or the like.

The exception can be a single person for the purpose of quotations, citations, notifications and the like, but only in accordance with that person.


Milan Todorovic,
Owner of TT Group