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What is dronfie (drone selfie) and why you should take one?

Perfecet dronfy

The first association of a decade behind us is definitely a selfie. Selfie first appeared in the younger generations, then social media influencers made it popular by sharing it on social networks. Nowadays every smartphone has at least one selfie in its gallery.

However,  we have an assumption that in the coming years, selfies will gain its competition. Have you ever heard about a dronfie?

No? Let’s see what it’s all about.

When taking selfie photos, we quickly realized that our hands were too short for the photos where we wanted to capture ourselves being in interesting places or take a group picture with our friends. This situation led to a new invention – a selfie stick.

So we started using the selfie stick most often when travelling or trying to capture selfies with cultural landmarks, unique landscapes, concerts, festivals etc. Therefore, the selfie stick is always used when we want to see our surroundings next to ourselves, unlike ordinary selfies where something like this is just not possible.

Then the drones appeared and showed us a new way of filming and taking pictures. Drones initially used to record big events, such as weddings, festivals and other big gatherings.

That was the moment when we came up with the idea that it’s possible to create the perfect bird’s eye view of selfies, the so-called dronfie.

According to the Urban Dictionary dronfie represents self photograph or video using drone camera.

So, this word is similar to the word selfie. Today dronfie is mostly made by travel Instagram influencers for promotional purposes.

How to make a perfect dronfie?

What makes dronfi extremely presentable is a possibility to have pics taken from a bird’s eye view.  These kinds of photos can turn out to be great even for those who don’t have much experience with photography.

With a drone you can completely control the angle of the photo, you are unlimited, you can move your drone 360 ​​degrees and adjust the exposure, and the light. Possibilities are endless, you can take as many photos and videos as you can.

You’ll probably like experimenting with a drone so much your SD cards will be full with magnificent pictures of landscapes and dronfies. You should transfer all of the footage and pictures to an external hard disc if you want to keep your media safe. If you have any doughts about which external hard disc is better, click on this link WD Elements vs Easystore

Drones will certainly be increasingly used in photographs intended to showcase tourist destinations and their beauties.

Dronfi provides a perspective on photography that is otherwise unavailable to us. And that’s exacly the reason why dronfie will become even more popular in the future.

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