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Luxurious accommodation in Zlatibor

We are still in January in the middle of the winter season, which means that you don’t have much time to prove your skills on the ski slope. If you want to spend your wintering in Serbia, we suggest you go to the Zlatibor, one of the most beautiful mountains in the whole country.

Zlatibor is popular and has many attractions, natural beauties and cultural sites, and it can get a little bit crowded during the holidays, so we recommend you to make your reservations as fast as you can. But which accommodation you should choose? It’s very important that you stay in the quality apartments so that you can feel cosy, get rest and truly enjoy your vacation. One of the best choices for luxury accommodation is definitely VIP Casa Club.

What VIP Casa Club offers

Do you want your vacation to be just perfect? Well, make yourself at home in VIP Casa Club. Here you can relax in style. Everything about VIP Casa is modern, unique, exclusive and luxurious. The goal is to give you a holiday you will remember.

This complex consists of five luxury villas: Pahulja, Vina, Harizma, Iskra and Jela. Each of them has extraordinary interior; modernly equipped, stylish and comfy apartments. Besides apartment VIP Casa also offer you a bunch of accompanying activities.

Villa Pahulja features 13 apartments that are fully modern designed. This villa is ideal for you if you are searching for a peaceful place to rest. It’s ideal for families and couples. The villa is located near the main attractions of Zlatibor, so you can walk to them.

Villa Vina offers 19 luxury apartments. This villa also contains a winery that is the very centre of gathering. It’s a place for a true gourmand, someone who takes pleasure in tasting different kinds of food and drink.

One of the newest and the biggest villa of the complex is villa Harizma. It has 32 apartments, that are fully equipped just for your enjoyment. In this facility, you can also find two conference rooms. Therefore, VIP Casa Club is not just for relaxation but also for business meetings, seminars and workshops.

The first thing you will notice when you approach villa Iskra is a modern design and natural materials and elements. The villa perfectly corresponds with its environment. The interior also won’t disappoint you, apartments are luxurious but practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Every villa offers something else, so villa Jela has wellness&spa centre, swimming pool and the gym. It also contains 13 rooms of different sizes bud the same quality.

Pool and Spa

VIP Casa Club represents a marriage of luxury and tranquillity. The atmosphere of the spa will calm you as soon as you walk in. The swimming pool is located in the centre of the spa. It’s 20 metres long and 1,5 metres deep, so the whole family, swimmers and non-swimmers can have a good time here.

If you want to take a break from swimming, you can have a cocktail or any other refreshing drink at the minibar which is positioned right next to the pool.

Other amenities such as bio sauna with Himalayan salt wall, Finnish dry sauna, Turkish bath or Hamam, 3 massage rooms and jacuzzi will help you to create a unique sense of well-being. Your only responsibility here is to accomplish harmony of body and soul.

Every member and guest in the Spa centre can freely use a locker and will be received towels, slippers, bathrobes and the hairdryer. But before you go to the spa you should make reservations, work hours are from 8 am to 9 pm.

Wellness centre

Nothing can relax you as much as an hour spent in the Wellness centre VIP Casa Club. We suggest you try some face treatments; for instance, express hydro, vitamin & mineral care or express anti-age will do wonders for your skin – you will look years younger.

There are also other special full-body treatments: skin exfoliating, full masc, treatment for tired legs, massages with body mask (raspberry exfoliating gel) or detox massage with green clay body mask. After those treatments skin will be polished, smooth and supple.

Casa de Vinos

One of the main attractions of Zlatibor’s tourism is definitely traditional cuisine. In Zlatibor you will hear a phrase that you haven’t truly been here if you don’t try some of the traditional specialities which you can do at winery-restaurant Casa de Vinos.

Besides traditional food in Casa de Vinos, which is a part of villa Vina complex, you can also taste 12 different cuisines and wines from all over the world. The restaurant offers 30 dishes prepared with the most by the best chefs.


Surely, you should relax when you are at your vacation, but that doesn’t mean that you should your muscles. Schedule training at VIP Casa Club gym and treat yourself with a good workout, and your body will be grateful.

The gym is equipped with the most modern PRECOR exercise machines: nordic running simulator, running straps, strength equipment and fitness equipment. You can also choose a personal trainer and be sure that your results are the best possible.

Wintering should be all about cosiness, warmth, time with family, trying something new, fun and relaxation. VIP Casa Club can provide you with all the above.


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