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The most beautiful beaches of Montenegro you should explore

The most beautiful beaches of Montenegro you should explore
Photo by Polina Rytova on Unsplash

Now that we have approached the flattery summer season, people cannot wait to dive their feet in the sand and take a swim in the sea. In latest years, a small Balkan country of Montenegro has appeared on many tourist lists and has been reborn as a pearl od Mediterranean coast.

Montenegro is well known for its great climate, a variety of flora and fauna, friendly people, and, among its major attractions – vast sandy beaches. Montenegrin beaches are some of the most beautiful coastal wonders of the Mediterranean, situated across this picturesque bay – Boka, wildly popular for its marbelized blue and turquoise waters, surrounded by thick forests and beautiful, steep mountains. And here`s a chance for you to get to know some of them.

Mogren Beach in Budva – heaven like place to spoil yourselves

A seaside promenade connects all the biggest cities in the country, including Budva – one of the oldest towns, where luxurious restaurants and nightclubs meet stunning medieval architecture. Among encapturing city wonders, like two serpentines connected by a tunnel, lays Mogren – blue flagged beach, acknowledged for its high-quality beaches and clean waters.

For those who wish to rent a luxury waterfront apartments Montenegro has upgraded the experience with majestic accommodations and exclusive access to boats and polished yachts for exploring the waters on your journey.

Jazz Beach – the extraordinary sandy beach made for families

Jazz beach is, by far, the most popular and welcoming sand resort in Budva. This sandy beach is one of the three largest beaches on the Montenegrin Coast and is surrounded by dense Mediterranean vegetation.

The adventurous side of the beach is known for its numerous water demanding sports such as jet skiing, paddle boating, and kayaking. Idyllic Jazz beach is also a more preferable holiday sight for families with small children, and non-swimmers because of vast shallow waters.

Exclusive beach resorts of a Saint – Sveti Stefan isle

One of the most famous photo motifs of the Montenegrin coastline is this exceptional, small yet luxuriously empowered isle called Sveti Stefan. Soft and sandy beaches combined with stunning summer sunshine and beautiful sea views will redefine your sense of pleasure.

The clientele here is typically affluent, but the left side of this piece of heaven isle is free of charge. Probably the most famous ambassador of this place is Serbian tennis champion – Novak Đoković, regularly seen on Queens beach on hot summer days in August.

Lučice Beach – powdery sand under pine freshness

Lučice beach is another rather beautiful, small beach made of pristine white sand and surrounded by thick pine forests crawling with tourists during summertime. Along this lovely, beachy coastline you can easily reach the remarkable town of Petrovac.

The city is stacked with international restaurants and places that serve some of the most amazing Mediterranean food in the world – you can bet on it. Inspiring and charming cafes and historical attractions on powdery sand make this small but thriving scene an inspiring stay for all holidaymakers, ensuring a vibrant and affectionate memory.

Blue horizons – a paradise for snorkeling

Nested on the peninsula of Luštica, lays yet another, renewed family friendly oasis. The enchanting clarity of the sea makes this seaside resort one of the best spots for snorkeling. The enhanced visibility of the calm water elevates the whole look of the place, making it easy to see a variety of fish and marine life in shallow waters along the rocky coves.

The vast sand dunes of medieval Ulcinj

The municipality of Ulcinj is one of the oldest settlements of the Adriatic coast.  In 2010, the New York Times ranked the south coast region of Montenegro, featuring Velika Plaža and Ada Bojana in Ulcinj as one of “The Top 31 Places to Go”.

These beaches are the exotic Eden of Montenegro. The tiny city of astonishing beauty is a place surrounded by forests, rivers, and exotic party beaches. A restless traveler can relax in the tree shades while listening to the water splashing at their feet, or enjoy an adrenalin rush of kite surfing. You could also energize since there are a lot of rock’n’roll gigs here – Ulcinj offers it all.

Away from the crowds, tourists, and city noises, you will feel fully empowered by the beauty of these places. Large sandy beaches spreading their golden arms across the famous resort will make your summer vacation unforgettable. These two beaches have often been quoted as one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches. So, if you are a great nature admirer, this place is made for you.

A bright man once said that the Montenegrin coastline is the most beautiful encounter between land and sea and a location that successfully and simultaneously articulates the untouched beauty, culture, and history. That is why you should not ever hesitate to discover why so many people reached back to these parts, once they met Montenegro.

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