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First time visitor to Canada? Things to do in Toronto

First time visitor to Canada? Things to do in Toronto
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Canada is a vast country; it’s considered to be the second-largest country in the world. So there are countless beautiful places that you can see during your stay. You can explore this state’s natural wonders or you can get acquainted with their cultural highlights.

Toronto is Canada’s largest city; it’s the industrial and economic backbone of the whole country. Also, it’s the center of cultural heritage and diversity which makes it so vibrant and exciting. That’s why millions of tourists visit this city every year for sightseeing, exploring and lots of entertainment.  

Here is our list of the most significant places to see and things during your stay in Toronto. But first, here’s a little advice for you…

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1.     Visit CN Tower

553.5 meters tall, CN Tower used to be the tallest construction in the world. CN stands for Canadian National which is the name of the company that built it.

At the top of the tower, you will get a breath-taking birds-eye view of the city. There you will have an opportunity to get the best pictures of the downtown panorama. You will come to the roof by riding in a glass elevator, and the floor at the top is also made of glass. This is exciting and pretty scary at the same time.

You can expect a big crowd here and a huge line in front of the tower. Good news is that you can skip the line by making a reservation at a restaurant which is placed in the building. Prepare for a high-priced menu, but it can be worth it considering you can wait for hours to get on the top of the tower.

If you are brave-hearted you can try the Edge walk – hands-free rope secured walk at the very edge of the tower. This will be, without a doubt, an amazing experience and a thrill of a lifetime, we dare you to test your limits.

2.     Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is placed next to CN Tower and it’s the largest aquarium in the whole country. In this large aquarium live 15 000 different kinds of aquatic creatures. It’s home to jellyfish, sharks, lobsters, giant pacific octopus, unicorn surgeonfish, Picasso triggerfish, electric ell, red lionfish and much more.

The aquarium is adjusted for salt and freshwater creatures that are collected from all over the world. You will see species that you didn’t even know existed and learn many things about the sea world and take magnificent pictures.

This place is equally interesting for children and for adults. You can see fishes and jellyfishes swimming right next to you in the acrylic viewing tunnel.

3.     Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum is a must-see in Toronto. The building itself is a sensation of modern architecture and it will definitely catch your eye.

It’s the biggest and the most important museum in Canada. There you can learn about art, natural history, and world culture. Millions of tourists visit this place each year, which makes it one of the most visited places in this city.

The museum contains 6 million items that include famous works of art that originate from South Africa, Europe, Asia and North America, dinosaur collection, fossils, minerals, and meteors. Also, there are expeditions where you can see clothes, interior and fine arts from the past century.

If you came to the museum with kids don’t be afraid for their entertainment. This place offers interactive galleries that are designed especially for children where they can learn through fun activities.

4.     Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey is one of the most famous sports in Canada; it’s equally popular as soccer in the USA. This sport has become a symbol of maple tree country. So if you truly want to get to know the Canadian spirit, you should visit Hockey Hall of Fame located in Toronto.

The first look at this monument is breathtaking, it looks quite historical and it describes Canadian love for hockey.  It’s a museum and the hall of fame at the same time where you can discover many things about the history of this sport.

The hall of fame holds exhibitions about ice hockey players and their greatest achievements. Here you can see their well-earned trophies and equipment they have worn at most relevant matches.

The Esso great hall is something you cannot miss if you are interested in Canadian history. This hall is dedicated to every team member who has left a significant trace in hockey.

5.     Casa Loma

Casa Loma translated from Spanish “Hill House” is a castle-like gothic museum. It was built in 1914 and was a private property of Sir Henry Pellatt. Now it’s one of the most popular landmarks in Toronto, Ontario.

This house is a popular filming location both for movies and TV shows. During the day it’s a museum where visitors can see the exquisite interior and retro vehicles from the early 1900 exhibitions. Casa Loma is not just a museum, by the night the house is closed for the public, but it can be rented for various occasions, like wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other celebrations.

The most popular movies that were filmed at this location are Marvel’s X-Man, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Chicago, Strange Brew and Warehouse 13.

6.     Hungary Thai Bar and Eatery

Canadians have their traditional meals and you should definitely try them, but if you plan to go to Toronto, Hungary Thai bar and eatery is something you shouldn’t miss. This restaurant is truly unique. A mix of these two traditional dishes winded up to be an unexpectedly good combination.

Half of the population are not born Canadians, that’s why here you have a mixture of different cultures, like Indian, French, Chinese, English or Italian. Considering that, the fusion of Thai and Hungarian food seems pretty logical.

At this bar and eatery, you can try Pad Tie, Goulash, Vienna Schnitzel, Oodles of Noodles or Paprikash. If you like challenges you can even try combined dishes from both countries in one meal. Fair warning: these two cuisines have one thing in common – a lot of spices. So we suggest you watch your stomach.

7.     The Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is by far the largest zoo in Canada with 5000 animals from all over the world. This zoo is placed on Rouge Village in Toronto. 710 acres are divided into six zoological zones, so every animal lives in their natural space.

The most interesting and the most frequently visited are polar bears, pandas, and gorillas. Prepare for a lot of walking, exploring and enjoying having a look at these rare species which you would never see in person in your lifetime.

At the Toronto Zoo, you will take a tour around the world without even leaving the city. We recommend you see African Lion Safari and visit elephant shows and rides. For some, this is not acceptable in terms of animal welfare, but this zoo treats animals better than many others.

This zoo is open from spring to fall, winter is too cold for animals especially the exotic ones. Furthermore, we advise you visit Toronto during the spring and summer, especially if you are not used to extremely low temperatures. In winter temperatures can go down to -30°C.

8.     The Toronto Islands

If you want to take magnificent photo-shots of Toronto you should take a ferry ride to the Toronto Islands. The short ride to islands will be an adventure for itself because you will see the wonderful view of the city horizon.  The Toronto waterfront is a lakeshore of Lake Ontario, which has many beautiful little islands.

They are known by numerous activities and attractions like Centreville Amusement Park, Franklin Children’s garden, Far Enough Farm, William Meany maze, beaches, pony rides, Wading pools, and camps. Torontonians usually come here on weekends and in summer when they just want to relax and have fun with their children.

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