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Zlatibor – amazing destination in Serbia!

Photo & text by Maria Itic

If you have not visited the Zlatibor, here’s a new destination for you!

If we gave a task to imagine a picture of Serbia , then it certainly will be one of the scenes with Zlatibor.

We were unable to choose better period in this year! The snow cover height of about 80 cm welcomed us. We arrived one day before the whole Serbia was blocked with snow. You can think how it was on this mountain beauty. I was happy that I went on this road.

Hotels in Zlatibor
Hotels in Zlatibor

 The scene on the mountain was like in the fairy tales, all that small houses at the same time sunlit and snow cover. Camera record all the time because I wanted to record as much as I can this magic atmosphere.

Photo&text Marija Itić

As like the beauty will disappear tomorrow, we wanted to meet the maximum of the day. We went to the monument located at the top of the hill. The monument itselrf not caused particular admiration.

The purpose was, with his unusual appearance, to warning people not to be lazy and walk to the top of the hill where they will feed the body and soul with healthy air, and see magical landscapes of untouched nature. Scene from the top was a real paradise for the eyes. I will not even try to tell you, see some of the photos…

Zlatibor has a lot of challenges. If you have not rode, this is a great opportunity. Fear disappears after only a few moments. Horses are tame and fall is not scary because the snow is all around. Carefully with a long gallop and you will feel the moment of happiness, which will certainly remain in the memory.

Participate in all the stunt on the snow: sledding, skiing, snow boarding… I believe that you have heard for the tires for sledding. They are similar to those for swimming, they are fast, but harmless, and you can not fall down. You can drive it in the pair. Think about this.

Zlatibor market

Zlatibor market is an authentic place full of traditional products. You can buy various souvenirs, sweet strawberries from the forest, and of course Zlatibor honey and of course widely famous cheese, cream and ham. Without these larger quantities of food my sincere advice is to not return home. Here is the opportunity to purchase a wool scarf or threadlike, hat, gloves, sunglasses or snow pants.

Zlatibor accomodiation
Zlatibor accomodiation

Kusturica “Drvengrad” or Mecavnik

Kusturica “Drvengrad” or Mecavnik is the story for itself. Drvengrad, the ethno-village in Serbia , in the municipality of Uzice , is located between Zlatibor and Tara. The company was founded and built on the hill Mecavnik for the purpose of recording the film “Life is a Miracle.” Mećavnik topping village Mokra Gora and the height at the same level with the railway station Jatara which passes through the narrow railway tracks “Šargan eight.

Drvengrad is the ethno-village with the city structure. In the form of a rectangle whose long (major) axis on one end of a gate input, which is the main street and extends to the other where there is a small wooden Orthodox church with a wooden bell tower. The church is built by the reputation of the Russian church (see picture in the gallery) and is dedicated to St. Sava. In the central part of the village is the square. Log cabin are authentic and transferred, some from these regions, and some from the Serbian Republic , in the form of the skeleton.

Place for fun on Zlatibor

One of the most important tourist activities are certainly outs and a good place for fun on Zlatibor. In the center, near the lake, is located kaffe “Vendome”, with a modern environment, where you’ll enjoy the live band.

After 02h o’clock, you can continue your fun in “Sunset” friendly place full with fancy youth and positive atmosphere.

On the working day, I recommend “Mondo” and “Akter”, and if your enjoyment includes the sounds of folk music, walk to the “Zlatno burence”, where you’ll enjoy the live music. A nice place during the day is the “Irish pub”

Wind rose is a name for Hemel’s “Centar for a healthy life”, which consists of the hotel (the only with the five-star on Zlatibor) and apartment complexes in separate facilities. A number of apartments is intended for sale, while the other used for additional facilities in the Center. In the Wind rose you will find peace, quiet and complete harmony of nature.


What to see on Zlatibor

View on the Čigota and Tornik give him a special charm. Located in the village Elder across the school for riding …The hotel is used exclusively organically produced food.

They offer the widest possible range of services, from special exercises under the supervision of the training to horse riding.

Recreational riding is possible at the two sites, the first ranch farm, and the other farm name Elder. Both farms have 20 horses, tack, and a few sweet trekking. And if you do not have the courage to enjoy the ride in the snow you can drive with skilled instructors in the coach.

Hotels in Zlatibor
Hotels in Zlatibor

Knowing the secrets of plants is something that is typical of the population of Zlatibor. Transfer of knowledge from generation to generation in combination with the extremely rich and diverse plant vegetation. There are the best blend of tea for a very wide use. Zlatibor with herbs (Kantarion, Lincura, Iva, thyme), you can always meet in botanical garden in the center.

And then, after filled day, when you overcome the fatigue, there is a place ideal for relaxing and the evening talk. I hope you guessed. It is a pub GAJ. With the environment and the old time sounds of pleasant music, I’d recommend boiled wine and domestic corn. For those with a particular flavor, of course famous “Zlatibor set lepinja” with egg and kajmak.

Thus are my impressions seemed to Zlatibor. I hope that I have transferred the atmosphere. However, one thing is certain, how many times you go, you will come back again!

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