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Devil’s Town (Djavolja Varoš) – new World wonder of nature?

Devil Town, South Serbia
Devil Town, South Serbia

If you have not visited the Djavolja varos ( meaning “Devil’s Town“) , it’s time to call a few other people, fill the tank and start the adventure! In making this decision we believe that lower text and photos will help.

1. How to get to the town of Devils? We all know how to reach Nis. From Nis, through Prokuplje and Kuršumlija to the town of Devils you can get for about 90 minutes. For almost the entire section the road is new, well-marked, and the arrival is extremely simple.

2. What actually is Devils town? Below the mountain Radan, up to the crotch of about 600 meters there is a very rare scene of clay figures. Such figures are rarely good in the world, resulting in a more lasting centuries erosive processes.

Devil town consists of two “Mahala” with about 200 pieces, opposing left and right of the cliff. The left group is called the Devil gully, and the right Infernal gully. Each group consists of the one hundred pieces of stone. The process of creating these clay figure is permanent, some disappearing under the extreme weather conditions, but the other bear.

3. What is also interesting in Djavolja Varos? For infernal city related: red hot, wild mines and the Church of Saint Petka, which are shown in the bottom photo gallery as well as the enormous number of legends.

Devil Town is near Prolom Banja
Devil Town is near Prolom Banja

4. Red hot. Red hot is the source of high mineral water. This water is so full of iron minerals that has grown to extremely red color with the index of the mineralization even 17mg / l. This water is not for drinking, but you can rinse out your mouth, taste extremely sour and bitter.

Nearby locals say that this is medicinal water and you should follow the face, rinse eyes, sick and other places. Saski mines. Near Devil’s town you can see the former tram panes iron and gold miners of the 12 century.

5. Church of St. Petka. Another interesting site in the town of Devils is the church of St. Petka in the 13th century. Around the church you can find thousands of pieces, please fabrics.

Beliefs say that cloth pieces, put in the medicinal water should exceed several times over the wound. Binding to the fabric of a place in the church of the disease will remain bind in the church. Many legends about Djavolja Varos.

One legend says that the figure petrified nuptial who went to marry a brother and sister. God not allowed the sin, and pertify them.


6. Is there a place for a break, coffee, drinks and food on the Devils Town? In the turistic destination, Devil’s town, there is ethnic restaurant Gallery characterized with ethnic music and healthy potable water pump.

7. How much are the ticketsfor the Devils town? Ticket costs only 100 dinars (about 1 Euro). Price to visit this natural phenomenon is really symbolic, and at the entrance you can buy various souvenirs with motifs from the town of Devils.

8.  Nomination. Devils town is nominated for the world wonder of nature, a system of one candidate by a voice mail, you can support by the link

9. What more do I need to know if you want to visit Devils town? My advice is to visit the Devils town after noon, then it is wonderful agleam and you can do beautiful photos. If you do not have the luck, in the ethnic restaurant Gallery there is a photo gallery with a photographic colony from 1977. A web gallery Devils town you can view on this site, too.

In the end, if you are coming from far away in the infernal city, be sure to visit Prolom spa, and nearby Kuršumlija!

Schedule time with the weather, and visit the Devils town, and you will not regret it!

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