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Top Hi-Tech Hotels The Savvy Travelers Will Love

Top Hi-Tech Hotels The Savvy Travelers Will Love
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Travelling can be challenging, especially for those who have made technology a part of their daily lives and can’t think of living without it, even for an hour. While the global tourism industry understands the importance of technology, the hotels have not always kept pace.

Nearly 50% of global travellers worry about the Wi-Fi availability at the hotel they’ve selected for a stay, revealed by a study of Not just the networks of Wi-Fi matter, but its speed also is important for those who always love to be connected with the world via the internet. The availability of internet access has become a common bugbear for guests.

While Wi-Fi may be of great importance, but there’s a lot more than the tech-savvy travellers need while their vacations. I delved into thousands of global vacation properties in different destinations around the world and would like to bring to you the top 5 of them.

Yotel, New York

If you find the appearance of this futuristic hotel similar to the other leading great hotels around the world, then you’d surely like their sense of technology. As you enter the hotel, a 15-foot automated luggage handler, Yobot will help you with the luggage. It is a smart robot that selects and moves luggage from a very large luggage rack in order to organize them. You may find the rooms to be small, but they’re advanced enough to give you a great feel as they come with motorized beds so you can fold them up and a lot more.

The Halkin by COMO, London

This is a boutique hotel with 41 rooms that spares no expense when it comes to catering to their guests. This hotel offers great convenience of offering everything with just the touch of a button. You may call the butler with the wall consoles.  Control room temperature and manage lights with a voice command. Rooms also have flat-screen TVs, iPod docks and free Wi-Fi.

Virgin Hotels ― Chicago

Are you an introvert and feel shy even when calling the waiter? Well, you’d feel great at the funky hotel that offers you highly advanced hospitality technology. The hotel’s mobile app, Lucy, lets you order anything without having to talk to anyone. You can do virtually anything with the app ranging from check-in and out, adjust the room temperature, customize your mini-bar, and Meet and chat with other hotel guests. Additionally, you can enjoy a ride at the Tesla Model S house-car that will drop you off anywhere within a two-mile radius to explore the city.

Eccleston Square Hotel, London

Panned as the city’s most high-tech hotel, the Eccleston Square Hotel is also an adults-only establishment and doesn’t accept guests under the age of 13. This hotel proves to be an elegant example of the old meets new. Every room in the hotel is equipped with ultra-modern hideaway with cutting-edge technology.

ME Hotel, London

The ME Hotel in London is a 5-star hotel located in The Strand. The ME is the fifth hotel to be built by luxury Spanish hotel group Meliá. The hotel facilitates guests with the highly advanced integrated European and American adapters, answering machine via the TV, integrated digital media hubs, and cordless telephone with hands-free function, etc. Everything is possible with the touch of technology when you are at the ME Hotel.

The Peninsula, Tokyo

Japan has been the top country in terms of technology and the hotels here seem no lesser. The peninsula in Tokyo is not only incredibly luxurious accommodation but also teeming with tech features. It features 314 rooms, each fitted with customizable mood lighting, large flat-screen TVs, and Skype-capable wireless phones, internet radio with more than 3,000 stations. The hotel also lets the little guests an interactive Pokemon treasure hunt, brought to life through augmented reality.

If you love cars, then this is the right place as you can discover the beautiful city of Tokyo in a BMW 750s, Tesla Model S or a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Loews Hotel 1000, Seattle

The Loews Hotel is another great choice for the tech-savvy travellers as the guests are never disturbed by housekeeping. Each room in the hotel is equipped with heat-detecting sensors, informing the hotel staff about your presence inside the room. Also, you can choose your room temperature for maximum comfort, artwork and music all using smart technology.

The hotel also offers a gift for the golf lovers as you have access to the virtual Golf Club where you can play golf with real clubs and balls.

So, the next time you plan your trip around the world, make sure you always have access to advanced technology with the above-mentioned hotels. Not do these hotels make your stay comfortable, but also give you the experience of the next level of technology.

Author Bio: Sharell Mills is a professional travel blogger, empowering the women travelling with FareKingdom cheapest international flight ticket tricks & tips. With the amazing tips, I have been to more than 5 countries with the budget you can’t believe.

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