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The Most Expensive Flights from Vienna Airport

The Most Expensive Flights from Vienna Airport
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You know what they say – you get what you pay for. If you believe in this saying than you might consider the most expensive flights from Vienna Airport. You can travel from Vienna with an airline that offers comfort and restful flight. Traveling can be exhausting, so many people prefer expensive to cheap flights. It is a fact that the flight can be the most expensive part of the trip.

People think that higher prices should produce better results. If they are constantly on the road they don`t want to be tired all the time. Also, we often equate price with value. We think – if it’s more expensive it must be better.

But is it true? There is only one way to find out. You must try it!

Vienna Airport offers a great variety of expensive flights to more than a hundred of cities in the world. If you are wondering how to find them, we offer you a list with approximate prices. You need to bear in mind that the final value will be determined by a lot of factors, for example by an airline.

There are cheaper and more expensive destinations. When we think of exotic destinations, it’s easy to think of luxury. Exotic destinations are the most expensive ones. Flight prices depend on the popularity of the destination. You can travel to less-traveled vacation destinations from Vienna Airport.


Expensive Flights and Airlines to Cities of the World from Vienna Airport

First of all, flights might be a bit cheaper than you expected. Prices are starting from 300 Euros. These are one way flights to exotic, interesting and mind-blowing cities. Determine how much money you can spend and pack your bags!

  • Vienna to Dushanbe (UTair), Ashgabat (S7 Airlines), Puerto Plata (Eurowings), Montego Bay (Eurowings), Entebbe Intl (EgyptAir), Monaco, Caracas (Simon Bolivar Intl) (TAP Portugal), Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta (EgyptAir), Tokyo Narita (Aeroflot), Abuja (EgyptAir), Hong Kong (Finnair), Colombo (Austrian Airlines): 300 Euros
  • Vienna to Seychelles Intl (Air Serbia), Cape Town (Eurowings), Male (Condor), Addis Ababa (EgyptAir), Ho Chi Minh (Aeroflot), Khartoum (EgyptAir): 350 Euros.
  • Vienna to Bamako Senou (TunisAir), Singapore (FinnAir), Barbados (Condor), Kuala Lumpur (Finnair), Seoul Incheon (Aeroflot), Dar Es Salaam (EgyptAir), Ulaanbataar (Aeroflot), Karachi, Manila, Auckland, Tobago (Condor): 400 Euros
  • Vienna to Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta (China Southern), Maputo (TAP Portugal), Sao Tome (TAP Portugal), San Juan (Condor), Delhi (Air India), Phnom Penh (Thai Airways), Bogota (Air France), Luanda 4 De Fevereiro (Ethiopian Airlines), Kigali (Ethiopian Airlines), San Jose (Condor), Libreville (Ethiopian Airlines): 450 Euros
  • Vienna to Taipei Taoyuan (Thai Airways), Yaounde Nsimalen (Ethiopian Airlines), Antananarivo Ivato (Ethiopian Airlines), Lusaka (Ethiopian Airlines), Lilongwe (Ethiopian Airlines), Djibouti Ambouli (Ethiopian Airlines), Reunion (Condor), Niamey, Juba (Ethiopian Airlines), Vientiane (Thai Airways): 500 Euros
  • Vienna to Panama City (Condor), Kathmandu (Thai Airways), Yangon (Thai Airways), Aruba (Air Canada), Managua Intl (Condor), Lima (Air France), Guatemala City (Condor): 550 Euros
  • Vienna to Perth, Buenos Aires (Iberia), Nassau (Air Canada), Pointe-A-Pitre (Condor): 600 Euros
  • Vienna to Santiago de Chile, El Salvador Intl, Asuncion: 750 Euros
  • Vienna to Montevideo, Tahiti Faa`a-Papeete: 800 Euros
  • Vienna to Grand Cayman, Nadi, Guam Intl (China Airlines), Santa Cruz de la Sierra: 850 Euros
  • Vienna to Ouagadougou (Ethiopian Airlines), Grenada (Air Canada), Fort de France, Curacao, Antigua (Air Canada), Babelthuap/Koror (Korean Air): 900 Euros
  • Vienna to Bonaire (KLM), Saint Martin (KLM): 950 Euros
  • Vienna to Paramaribo (KLM), Cayenne (Air France): 1100 Euros
  • Vienna to Terrance Lettsome (Air France), Shanghai Pudong (Air China): 1150 Euros
  • Vienna to Banjul: 1250 Euros
  • Vienna to Apia-Faleolo, Freetown Lungi (Brussels Airlines): 1350 Euros
  • Vienna to Monrovia Roberts Int (Brussels Airlines): 1500 Euros
  • Vienna to Roatan (United): 2800 Euros

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