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Sentio villa – luxury accommodation at the Balaton Highland

sentio villa

Are you looking for ideas about where should you spend your holiday? Somehow you always end up at the same places, which can be pretty boring.  Did you know that there’s a hidden jewel at the Balaton Highland? It’s a place you can unwind, enjoy in the luxury setting, explore the beautiful landscape and make wonderful memories.

Sentio Estate is one of the most impressive places of Balaton Highland. Come and reconnect with nature at the Sentio villa and its 23-hectare property. It won’t be just another hedonistic holiday, but rather it will be a zone where you can appreciate solitude and calmness.

Relax in the picturesque countryside

This area of Balaton Highland has a long history, it was always associated with nobles. In the 16th century only they were allowed to spend time here and admire sloping hillsides and wide mountaintops.

And to this day it has reminded the synonym for an unforgettable and indulging travel experience that you will remember for years to come. This exceptional kind of landscape you can only experience at Provance, Tuscany and Balaton Highland.

Thick forest, vineyards, rich wildlife, green hills are just a part of this fascinating scenery. Here you will get your privacy, peace, and serenity, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun here. There are a lot of interesting activities that deserve your attention.

Wine tasting

There is no better bohemian experience than wine tasting. You can’t say you’ve been to the Balaton region if you didn’t taste its famous wines. We recommend you to visit Csopak, Badascony and Káli Basin. There you can try some award-winning wines, and take your palette on a pleasure ride.


If you are a sports enthusiast you will be thrilled to know that this is a place where you can take part in Balaton Bike Fest. That way you can explore Balaton’s wilderness, and test your physical boundaries.


The Balaton region surely has an interesting history. We advise you a visit to the Festetic Palace, it belonged to the Festetic family and it’s considered to be one of the largest castles in a whole country. This building represents a baroque style with a variety of lavish decoration on windows and the doors.



Vacation should not be an excuse for you to be passive. Therefore, we recommend you to go hiking to the most picturesque places in Hungary. The first is Lavander Field in Tihany, where you can enjoy in purple colour and take fantastic photos for your Instagram.

The second recommendation is to visit Tapolca Cave Lake. The biggest attraction there is a boat ride on the underground river, something you shouldn’t miss.

Oldtimer renting

Nothing shows more taste than an oldtimer. In Siento Villa rental service you can rent a restored and fully functional car and you can drive with style. There are also common car rental agencies, but we think that an oldtimer vehicle would perfectly feet with the specific Balaton Highland landscape.


Balaton lake represents one of the most famous tourist attractions in middle Europe. This freshwater lake is 80 kilometers long and 16 kilometers wide at it’s the widest point. Lakeside along the shoreline has sandy beaches, playgrounds, and paddle boats.

Also if you want you can go sailing, and uncover Balaton lake’s beauty. You can rent a yacht or take a guided tour at the nearby marinas.


Enjoy the tastes of Hungary and eat their traditional dishes. It’s pretty spicy and reaches with flavors, a real extravaganza. You should try goulash, Fisherman’s soup, Pörkölt and Paprikás, Töltött Káposzta, and their famous Dobos Torte. It will take some time for you to get used to this specifical taste, but when you do you’ll love it.

Make yourself at home at Sentio Villa

This wooden Villa is a truly special place. It’s not just a place where you come to have fun, but rather a special peaceful nook full with natural vibes. There are 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen where you can immediately make yourself at home.

Also, you can relax in the outdoor Jacuzzi and sauna while watching a fascinating mountain view. Enjoy in the hammam, and take care of your body in the gym. Be one with nature and wait for a sunrise sunken fire pit for ten people.

Even though there are hills and woods all around you, the Villa is 15 minutes ride away from other interesting places. We suggest you rent an oldtimer and explore beauties of the Balaton Highland on your own.

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