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Cruising The Danube | Krstarenje Dunavom
Srbian version: Krstarenje Dunavom

If you are a person adventure with a sense of pleasure, the Danube River cruise is the right thing!

You have a few reasons why you may not miss Cruises:

1. Cruise ends in Belgrade for two hours
2. Grub and drink is excellent, “girice” on the French way are only 60 dinars
3. Serves the domestic beer produced excellent quality and taste
4. Sunset and the fantastic panorama of Belgrade,
5. Interesting tour around the Kalemegdan
6. Beautiful Branko bridge
7. A lot of interesting stories told by tourist guides
8. The party organized by the boat captain Pera

Krstarenje Dunavom

Krstarenje Dunavom - Panorama Beograda

Price cruises the Danube Price cruises the Danube is only 300 dinars per person!


The main tourist attraction in Serbia is certainly the main city - Belgrade. As the main and largest city of Serbia, Belgrade has plenty of historical and cultural monuments. Night life in Belgrade is famous in the region of former Yugoslavia. Cruising the Danube River is one of the ways to meet Belgrade. Belgrade is a city of very tumultuous history, is one of the oldest in Europe.

Belgrade has the reputation of the capital, which offers daily, vivid night life with many clubs open until the morning , along the coast of the Sava and Danube rivers.

Weekend-visitors, especially those from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia, are considered Beograd more metropolis then their capital because of its friendly atmosphere, great clubs and bars, cheap drinks, and liberal regulations related to night life.

Krstarenje Dunavom - pogled na Kalemegdan

Krstarenje Dunavom - pogled na Usce

Krstarenje Dunavom - pogled na Sabornu crkvu

Nebo nad Beogradom

Sky over Belgrade, broad and high, variable and always nice, during the winter and during summer storms when the whole turns into one black cloud that carries the rain with dust Pannonian Plain, in the spring whit the flowers along the ground, always beautiful and rich , as the benefits to this strange town for all that which it does not, and comfort for all that it should not be. Ivo Andric

Kalemegdan - pogled sa Dunava


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