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Visit Belgrade 2012 travel guide

Being a city with character, Belgrade is the right choice for a city break 2012! This city will enable each visitor to enjoy the charm and beauty of its streets, parks, museums, theaters, restaurants, cafes, and, above all, its people and the atmosphere itself.

A mixture of old and new architecture, this city appeals to more and more visitors from all over the world. What will you get if you travel to Belgrade?

Lots of good memories and a great time!

Would you like to spend a quiet afternoon in Belgrade? Then go for a walk along Kalemegdan, Avala or Košutnjak! Would you like to feel the urban life style of this capital - then you should opt for Skadarska street or Strahinjića Bana Street in Dorćol! Would you like to taste good food - many restaurants in any part of the city will not disappoint you! Do you simply want to have fun - night clubs and bars are open for you all night long!

In a word - travel to Belgrade and you will surely want to come back one day!

Our photo report trave guide: How to Visit and organise your trip and what you can see in Belgrade? How to Book hotel and best night life in region. You can organize alone your bussines or private trip to Belgrade.

Knez Mihailova in Belgrade       The biggest Orthodox temple in the world  

Description of first travel video clip. Here you can see: Belgrade fortress, Belgrade rivers, Belgrade restaurants, Belgrade churches, Belgrade streets.

Description of visit Begrade clip 2. Get fast and general info about this city. Get fast information on Area, Location, Night life, people of Serbia.

Description of visit Serbia clip 2: Life in capital of Serbia. Belgrade has a reputation for offering a vibrant nightlife, and many clubs that are open until dawn can be found throughout the city. The most recognizable nightlife features of Belgrade are the barges (сплавови, splavovi) spread along the banks of the Sava and Danube Rivers.

Description of tourist clip 3: Architecture , Palace Building, Albania Palace Building, Railway Station, The Bajrakli Mosque, Nemanjina Street, Cafe Restaurant, Skadarska (Skadarlia) Street, Terazije Square, Slavija Square, Temple of Saint Sava

Description of visit Belgrade clip 4: Slide show with very beautifull Belgrade photos. Dunave (Danub), song from Yu Grop, Serbia Pop Rock Group

Description of clip 5: Red Star fans (Delije), Delije are the worlds most feared, top organized and best choreographed football supporters (soccer fans).

Thinking about visiting a European capital? Not sure which one? If you want to have fun, make friends, feel the Balkan atmosphere, enjoy the confluence of two picturesque rivers - the Sava and Danube - then the ideal choice for you is Belgrade!

Visit Belgrade and you will not regret it! You will taste delicious Serbian food, go to see many appealing sights in this magical city, stroll along the bautiful park and old fortress Kalemegdan, feel the Bohemian spirit in Skadarska Street, go shopping in the high street Knez Mihailova, or spend your nights dancing in many clubs along the two rivers. Your choices are endless! Fun in Belgrade never stops!

Some of the hotels in Belgrade where you can stay in 2012 are: Hotel Continental, Hotel President, Hotel Hyatt Regency, Hotel Zlatnik, Hotel Balkan, Hotel IN, Hotel Moskva, Hotel Balkan, Hotel Excelsior, Hotel Zira, and many many more.
Of course, the capital of Serbia offers a lot of hostels which are much cheaper, like Cricket Hostel, Hostel Captain, Green Studio Hostel, San Mara's Hostel, Hostel Sweet Dreams, and many more.


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