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Forget Me Not: Accessories and Gadgets You Shouldn’t Forget on Your Vacation

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Imagine yourself on a tropical beach island, chilling on the sand, sipping on a cold drink. The weather is perfect, your friends are here, and suddenly, some dolphins jump out of the water! Everyone gets out their smartphones and take videos of the dolphins. You try to get yours, only to realize that you’re low on battery and don’t have a power bank or access to a nearby outlet.

Your friends then invite you over for a dive and a look at the corals. You get on the boat and dive right it only to forget your underwater camera. Again? Chances are you won’t be able to enjoy if you forgot to bring along your gadgets and other stuff for Vacation.

Avoid these scenarios mentioned above and pack up everything you need to enjoy your Vacation. Here are some more gadgets and accessories that you don’t want to miss bringing along on your trips:


This one is a no brainer. If you forget your phone, you’re in a lot of trouble. At this point in age, everyone does almost everything through their mobile phones. Paying for food, checking in for hotels, finding good spots to go, etc. Don’t ever forget your phone when you go on trips.

Optionally, you can forget your chargers as there are lots of ways on how to charge your phone during your trip. Nothing compares to having your mobile phone while you’re out on Vacation.

Portable Wi-fi Hotspot

Internet is a vital thing to have wherever you are in the world. For whatever purpose you’d want to use it, you should always have a fast and uninterrupted internet connection. You might think that it’s ok to not have a mobile hotspot with you, but foreign sim cards and atrocious roaming charges can rip your wallet off in an instant.


Your phone is almost empty, and you can’t find a USB slot or socket anywhere. The solution? A Power bank. Powerbanks allows you to charge your phone on the go, perfect for tourists who like going around their destination. Just charge your power banks before you go out and you’ll have no problem charging your phone.

Powerbanks aren’t just for phones; they can also charge other gadgets like your laptop, cameras, and more. Some power banks are also dual purpose, which means that it can function as a mobile entertainment system or a speaker.

Drinking Bottle

Aside from gadgets and other accessories, always have a readily available drinking bottle. Having a sealable, drinking bottle can help you when you’re on the go, and when getting something to drink is difficult. For the more outgoing tourist, you can use your water bottle to fill up on anything.


For those going out on a tropical escapade, a hammock is a valuable thing to bring along. A shady spot with trees on the beach is the perfect place where you can set up your hammock. From there, you can perfectly enjoy the beach view while you’re chilling out. To avoid accidents, make sure that your hammock is strong enough so that it can support you.


As mentioned earlier, you wouldn’t want to miss the exciting things in a vacation like dolphins jumping together in the water. Never leave your camera behind. Your camera doesn’t have to have all the best features. Even a simple camera would do.

A vacation is an excellent way to get out of trouble, release stress, and just be yourself. When it’s over, the memories you have from that Vacation will serve as an inspiration for you to work harder. And what better way to store and relive those memories than having brought a camera for vacation?


One accessory that you shouldn’t be seen without is your watch. Watches often give you that sophisticated look and makes you look cool. Watches like those from the Omega Series are often good choices to bring during vacations.


If you’re the type of tourist who likes to work-on-the-go , then don’t ever forget to bring in your laptop. If you have strict schedules, need to check on something, or you need to supervise some things at work while you’re away, then all you need is a good laptop and a stable internet connection.

Avoid the hassle of going to internet cafes to open mail and do everything there. Why not do it in the comfort of your hotel room where it’s more private and cozy?


The perfect Vacation is where you don’t need to worry about anything. Sit back, enjoy, and relax. However, most tourists aren’t able to do that because they leave something important behind. Leaving behind your phone, camera, your watch, or your drinking bottle can be disastrous for your adventure.

A vacation can be twice as good when you get home and relive the moments by looking at your pictures and videos. Don’t leave home without these gadgets and accessories and you’re sure to have the grandest time of your life, even if you’re already home from your vacation.

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